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When standard masking just won’t do.

Hi-Tech custom reusable silicone masks can be used with powder coated, wet sprayed, e-coated, and plated parts. Custom silicone masks are very beneficial in that they eliminate bridging, consistently create the same masking line every time, and are extremely durable and reusable. Hi-Tech provides design, engineering, and turnkey solutions for all projects and works to each client’s specifications. Our service is instrumental in many industries including automotive, underbody coatings, military, medical, aerospace, and agricultural.

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We’re not happy until you’re happy. Sure, we’ve had our failures but mostly successes. We have over 25 years of making customers happy with our custom engineered masking. IT’S ALL WE DO. AND WE DO IT EVERYDAY.


We’re not rocket scientists but we know custom silicone masking for wet spray, powder coating, plating and electrocoating. Chances are we’ve seen your process before. We live for this stuff. Let us help.


The learning curve here is very shallow. Most OEM and contract coaters have the same problems, so we’ve seen most of them. Maybe yours is different. Send it to us.


We custom engineer silicone paint masks to meet or exceed your expectations in your facility. Why talk about anything else. Ford, GM, Toyota, Dana, Honda, Brembo, Textron, TRW, AAM, Crown Group and Metokote seem to like us.


Cost per Painted Part

It’s true, custom engineered masking solutions, are more expensive than standard masking out of a catalog. But sometimes a standard mask just won’t work.

A typical custom engineered mold from Hi-Tech Flexible Products for complex silicone maskants is around $3500.00 A typical piece price for a finishing mask is around $1.50 each. The expected life of this mask is roughly 50 turns. (trips through the oven)

If we assume an Estimated Annual Volume for this project is 100,000 pieces, an average order of silicone maskants would be about 2000. The total investment would be $3500.00 for the mold and $3000.00 for the masks, $6500.00.

Let’s do the math.

• 2000 masks X 50 turns = 100,000 uses.
• 6500 / 100,000 = $0.065 per use.

Assuming a second year of coating the same part and purchasing an additional 2000 masks = $3000.00 (no mold cost)

• 2000 masks X 50 turns = 100,000 uses.
• 3000 / 100,000 = $0.030 per use.



Innovative Engineering

Innovative Engineering

Our Engineering Department can either work with a finished part or a cad drawing of the part to be made.

Exceptional Service

Exceptional Service

We are committed to helping you solve your masking problems and can deliver the results that you need.

Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions

No matter what size or style of a part you have, we can figure out a way to mask it.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

All aspects of the project are done in the US. Keeping project time, shipping cost and part quality where its needed.

We practice our craft of making custom silicone masks
each and everyday. It’s what we do.



They are one of the first people we contact when launching new product and the level of professionalism and flexibility with very demanding timelines proves why they are the best at what they do in the industry.

Justin McMillenAssistant General Manager at The Crown Group

We have done a number of projects with Hi-Tech using their custom masking and have been pleased with the results. They are responsive, communicate well and are problem solvers. A good combination for a supplier.

Dale WasherProject Engineer at Dana Spicer

Quite frankly, we weren’t sure masking could be created for our Tier 1 customer’s product. Through collaboration with our engineering department, Hi-Tech created effective custom masking for our e-coat line that produced great results. Not only that but the masks were re-useable for many turns. “

Steve MarchCEO at March Coatings