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A: The majority of our paint masks are silicone. However, the silicone masks have been fullycured and chemically cross linked through heat and pressure, rendering them inert.
We have provided custom engineered silicone masking for wet spray, powder coating, plating and e-coating for over 25 years with zero issues.
We would be happy to provide you with a sample of our fully cured and crosslinked material for trial in your paint operation.
A: All paint operations differ in types of paint, temperature of oven and maintenance/handling of the masking. Our general rule of thumb is 30-50 turns. In low aggressive environments, masks can last hundreds of cycles.
A: A prototype isn’t always needed but when it is, after customer approval of a 3D design model, a prototype allows us to trial the mask in your system for fit and function. It is made from a single cavity mold so we can make adjustments if necessary.
A: No, we do not. All of our masks are specifically designed for your part.
A: Yes. After that we maintain the tool at our location for future production orders.
A: After receipt of a purchase order and approval of the prototype, approximately 3-5 weeks to create the production tool, then 1-2 weeks to complete the masking order, depending on quantity.
A: Please send us a blueprint, CAD file (parasolid) or part with as much information about your process as possible. A good place to start would be our RFQ page.

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