About Us

Hi-Tech Flexible Products Inc.

We are entering our 25th year of providing innovative custom masking to the OEM and coating industry.  Custom masking is not a sideline for HI-Tech Flexible Products, Inc., IT’S ALL WE DO AND WE DO IT EVERY DAY! Hi-Tech is located in Michigan and we are proud to be made in the USA. This means our products are high quality and our shipping costs and lead times are lower than our competitors. We are committed to helping you solve your masking problems with creativity and innovation.

Custom reusable high temperature silicone rubber paint masking

can be used on powder coated, wet sprayed, e-coated, and plated parts. Custom masking can be beneficial in that they eliminate bridging, consistently create the same masking line every time, and are extremely durable and reusable.

We provide design, engineering, and turnkey solutions for all projects and work to each client’s specifications. We use a vulcanized silicone rubber masking material that is fully cured and bonded. Working with domestically supplied silicone to temperatures up to 650°F, our masks stand up to the toughest environments. Our masking is watertight, is easy on/easy off, and features an air release. We can also bond aluminum, steel, and plastic parts that measure up to 4′ long and 3′ wide.

Our service is instrumental in many industries including automotive, underbody coatings, military, medical, aerospace, and agricultural. Typical lead times are 2 weeks for prototypes and 4 to 6 weeks for production runs up to 1,000,000 pieces. To learn more about our custom reusable high temperature silicone rubber paint masking capabilities, please contact us today.


We’re not happy until you’re happy. Sure, we’ve had our failures but mostly successes. We have over 25 years of making customers happy with our custom engineered masking. IT’S ALL WE DO. AND WE DO IT EVERYDAY.


We’re not rocket scientists but we know custom masking for wet spray, powder coating, plating and electrocoating. Chances are we’ve seen your process before. We live for this stuff. Let us help.


The learning curve here is very shallow. Most OEM and contract coaters have the same problems, so we’ve seen most of them. Maybe yours is different. Send it to us.


We custom engineer paint masks to meet or exceed your expectations in your facility. Why talk about anything else. Ford, GM, Toyota, Dana, Honda, Brembo, Textron, TRW, AAM, Crown Group and Metokote seem to like us.