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Them most common questions asked about custom masking

A: Options other than silicone are available however our silicone material is fully cured rendering it inert. We have provided custom engineered silicone masking to the coating industry for over 30 years with successful results.

A: All paint operations differ in types of paint, temperature of oven and maintenance/handling of the masking. Our general rule of thumb is 30-50 turns. In low aggressive environments, masks can last hundreds of cycles.

A: Prototypes aren’t always necessary but are advisable when developing a completely new or complicated design. It is far less expensive to modify a prototype mold than a production mold when tweaking the design. That said, skipping the prototype stage is always an option and is 100% up to the customer.

A: We can supply all of your masking needs, be that standard or custom.

A: Yes. After that, we maintain the tool at our location for future production orders.

A: Typical lead times are one to two weeks for prototyping and three to four weeks for production molds. One to two weeks to complete the masking order, depending on quantity.

A: Please send us a blueprint, CAD file (parasolid) or part with as much information about your process as possible. A good place to start would be our RFQ page.


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