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The Green Tape Killer

3M invented masking tape in the mid-1920s for use in the automotive business. Regular tape was pulling the paint off of cars that had been masked with butcher paper. Henry Ford was probably not happy. So 3M invented a gentler, easy-to-remove tape. It’s what house painters use today in all the various forms of tan, blue and green.

I don’t know who invented the green polyester masking tape used today in the coating industry but it’s everywhere. It seems to be the default method of masking any difficult spotface shape or irregular surface. The problem is, green tape is a one-time use, piles up in the trash bin, leaves a sticky residue, never put on the same way twice, labor-intensive to apply and remove.

So what is the Green Tape Killer? On ferrous parts; stamped steel, powdered metal, iron castings, and forgings, its’ custom-designed silicone masks with high-temperature magnets molded right into the part. Yep, we can do that.

Engineered custom magnet masks by Hi-Tech Flexible are easy on, easy off. Always consistent in shape and size and very long-lasting. Want to eliminate your green tape problem? Give us a call. The Killer is always ready.

Masking Techniques for paint coating
Masking Techniques for paint coating

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The Green Tape Killer

Green tape is a one-time use, piles up in the trash bin, and leaves a sticky residue.

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